Preconception counseling is an important aspect of our practice. The healthiest pregnancies begin with a visit to our skilled staff, who will offer advice on minimizing risks and achieving optimal health and nutrition prior to pregnancy. Consuming adequate amounts of natural folate is particularly important prior to pregnancy and in the first four weeks after conception for its role in preventing neural tube defects. We recommend eating a health-promoting diet which includes natural, folate-rich, green vegetables to ensure that you and your baby have the right nutrients for building a healthy central nervous system.

Maintaining a healthy body weight and appropriately controlling conditions such as diabetes mellitus, hypertension and seizure disorders is essential for the healthiest pregnancy possible. We will also screen for potential risks and problems. Our goal is to offer guidance and information so that you can make this time in your life as special, safe, and enjoyable as possible!

When is the best day for me to conceive?