Office Staff

Our front office staff is eager to welcome you and assist you with initial paperwork and office-related questions.  Our back office staff will care for your needs until you are seen by your provider.

  • Jessica – Triage Nurse
    Jessica – Triage Nurse

    When you call with symptoms or medical concerns, your call may be transferred to Jessica.  She provides a kind and compassionate ear as well as medical knowledge to ask the right questions!  She will help you sort out what is happening, get in touch with others who can give direction, and communicate with you about what actions should be taken next.

    • Becky – Patient Benefit Coordinator
      Becky – Patient Benefit Coordinator

      If you have questions regarding the coverage of your healthcare benefits, Becky will assist you with sorting things out and answering your questions. Her bilingual Spanish ability is helpful in verifying maternity benefits, setting up payment plans, and obtaining total obstetric authorizations.