Our obstetrics motto is, “It’s all about YOU.”  Our physicians are highly trained and care for women experiencing healthy pregnancies as well as those with higher risk concerns or problems.  They will address medical issues and carefully view pregnancy in terms of what could go wrong medically.  Ready to intervene at the first sign of trouble, they also offer numerous services for medical issues relating to both obstetric and gynecologic problems.

With supportive healthcare, your pregnancy can be the time of your life! Your body is going to go through so many profound changes. Our providers understand this can be both an exciting and scary time. We are here to monitor your care and counsel you about the self-care that will help you feel your best.

From preconception through postpartum, we invest our time with you to help you understand the phases of your unborn baby’s development, the reasons for each recommended test, and what the results mean.  By spending this extended time together, we will address your questions and concerns as they come up.  We will provide you with resources so you can better participate in your care.  Our goal is that you’ll feel increasingly more prepared as each month of pregnancy progresses.

We emphasize pregnancy and natural birth as a healthy, normal process! However, should a cesarean become necessary for the health and safety of you or your baby, our skilled obstetricians can and will provide surgical assistance with the birth as well as follow-up care.