Timeline for Routine Visits

For the first 28 weeks of pregnancy, we would like you to schedule an appointment every four weeks.  Your baby will be growing and developing in significant ways, and it is important that you receive routine prenatal care.  Of course, we understand that there is NOTHING routine about this!  This is YOUR BABY and we are eager to monitor your health as your baby continues to grow and develop.  Should you fall into a high risk category for any reason or at any time during your pregnancy, we may request to see you more often.  We may also refer you to a specialist for additional monitoring.  At each visit, we will measure your weight, blood pressure, and heartbeat.  We will also regularly test your urine.

At approximately your 24 week appointment, in addition to your regular care, your provider will do a fundal height measurement to evaluate your baby’s growth.

From 30 to 36 weeks, we would like you to be seen every 2 weeks.  From 36 weeks until delivery, your appointments will be scheduled weekly.  It’s an exciting time and it won’t be long before your baby is actually here.