The size of your family is a highly personal decision based on many considerations.  A woman’s health, religious practices, and family circumstances are but a few of these.  Managing the gift of your fertility is something you will want to take seriously!  Whether you are ready to add a new addition to your family or are being careful not to, we can help.  A wide range of family planning options exist from fertility awareness in the form of natural family planning to various forms of contraception.  In addition to information, we can provide counseling regarding the risks and benefits of appropriate options so you can choose what is right for your individual care.

Natural Family Planning

One of the special services that we promote is fertility awareness or natural family planning (NFP).  When used correctly after receiving appropriate instruction, this method can be 99% effective.  We invest the time that it takes for our families to explore this natural and holistic method of family planning.  Fertility awareness or NFP involves shared responsibility and respect between partners as well as acknowledging the gift of their combined fertility.  There are no drugs or devices with their attendant health risks, and it involves no surgery.  Because it does not interfere with the natural, healthy function of either partner, there are no side effects.

Fertility awareness or NFP utilizes the interpretation of natural signs of fertility and infertility, as well as personal self-discipline to accomplish effective family planning.  In addition, it involves minimal cost and can be used to either promote or avoid pregnancy.

Finally, fertility awareness or NFP promotes the bond a couple shares by enhancing their open and honest communication about this very intimate area of life.


Another form of family planning that we offer is the use of contraceptives to prevent pregnancy.  There are a number of contraceptive options available for women, some temporary and some permanent.

Our providers will be happy to discuss the risks and benefits of various family planning options as they apply to your specific reproductive health and lifestyle.